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Visions of a 14 year old boy

VISIONS 1 - 38

The following visions have been received by a 14 year old boy living in Cape Agulhas (the Southernmost tip of Africa) during the period April to August 2007.

Please take note of PS at end of this document.

Vision 1:

The Shepherd and the Sheep in this vision the following is seen:

Lovely green grazing fields and a very large flock of sheep

(millions), some younger, some older, and many, many new lambs arriving all the time. A singleshepherd keeping the flock.

Above the sheep butterflies fly around. These butterflies are larger than the sheep and have a pale yellow, glowing colour. Separate from the flock, on the outskirts wolves are seen from time to time attempting to catch some of the sheep, yet never succeeding in doing that. Quite often one or another of the sheep wanders off negligently whilst grazing. Using his staff, these sheep are gently returned to the fold by the shepherd. Now and then a sheep would,quite purposefully, walk away from the flock. These the shepherd does not even attempt to coachback.

Interpretation thus far:

• The sheep = Christians following the Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

• The butterflies = angels protecting the sheep.

• The wolves = powers from the kingdom of darkness.

Following this scene: The Shepherd moves on and beckons the sheep to follow. A long and difficult and often dreary road follows, including periods during which there is no food or water, or where the way is quite hard to traverse. No sheep perishes because of this journey, because the Shepherd knows what He is doing. Eventually a wonderful, new pasture is reached and the flock is filled with joy and contentment. (Interpretation: The Christian walk on earth, following the Good Shepherd.)

The vision continues: After a while the Shepherd announces that He intends to proceed further up the mountain and gives the sheep the choice to accompany Him or not. Only a very small number of the sheep wants to follow Him on this new road, the rest choosing to remain behind because they prefer the known (which is good in this case) to the unknown which might possibly be worse than the difficult road they had come. Some of the older sheep who chose to follow the Shepherd further are sent back by the Shepherd to care for the flock during His absence. Some of them do return to the flock. Subsequent to this, the Shepherd moves on with His now small flock and presently disappears from sight. All the butterflies depart with the Shepherd. After the Shepherd has disappeared seven days elapse, and day by day conditions become worse for those who chose to stay behind, even to the point of being unbearable. After seven days no food and water is left. For the next 3½ days large packs of wolves attack the sheep at will and many of the sheep are killed. At the

end of the 3½ days the Shepherd and the butterflies return, causing great rejoicing among the sheep. All the remaining sheep as well as all the sheep that have been killed are taken with by the Shepherd, and translated to the top of the large mountain where He had gone before with His small flock of called out sheep. On top of this mountain is seen a great light (not the sun), and also a very large tree covered with fruit. When this fruit is given to the dead sheep, they return to life.

Subsequently, a scorching fire is poured out on the fields below, killing all the packs of wolves.

After this, the Light on the mountain moves down and hovers over the scorched earth, which presently breaks out in a joyful abandon of grass, flowers and trees never even seen before, making the earth more beautiful than ever before.

Interpretation notes:

• Those who follow the Shepherd wherever He leads will be with Him on the holy mountain (Rev. 14:1-5).

• Those who remain behind will go through the great tribulation of 3½ years, when the saints will for the first time ever be delivered into the hands of Satan/Antichrist (Rev. 13:7).

• The period between the 'calling away' when the small flock leaves with the Shepherd (this is when Jesus comes like a thief for those who are ready and willing to go) and the start of the

great tribulation is, thus, 7 years.

• When the Shepherd returns to take the living and the dead sheep with Him to the mountain, represents the rapture and the first resurrection (1 Thess. 4:13-17).

• The rapture is followed by the pouring out of God's wrath upon Satan's kingdom on earth, thereby destroying all of the power of darkness on earth.

• This then is finally followed by the return of Jesus Christ to earth as King of kings and Lord of all the earth.

• Under His rulership all things are restored to better than ever before.

Vision 2: Submarines

Vision: A very large expanse of open sea is seen, as well as myriads of submarines in it. There is a harbour somewhere, but the submarines do not know the way to it, neither is any submarine allowed to enter the habour. Following this, a radio signal emanating from the harbour is received by part of this fleet of submarines, in which they are instructed to dive and come up again. Not all of those who heard the signal; obey the command, but those who do are changed into all manner of different

surface boats, the moment they come up from under the water.

These vary from freightships to warships and rescue boats, sailboats, etc. These assist one another as well as minister to the

submarines, admonishing them to also dive and be changed.

After a long time a signal from the harbour is once again received by the surface boats in which they are warned that very bad weather is approaching. They are called (invited) to come into the harbour.

A number of them heed this call and are then given instructions how to reach the harbour after they have started out on this journey. But by far the most of them choose to remain where they are, seeing they are in familiar water and the way to the harbour is unknown, and there is a threat of pirates along the way. After the called away ships have left 3½ days elapse during which the

weather becomes progressively worse. During this time the remaining surface boats still minister to the submarines, trying to get them to dive and also change into boats. Only a very small number respond.

Directly after this 3½ days all the called away ships return, telling the rest about the glory of the harbour and also that a big white ship will come and fetch them in due course and that they have to wait for this ship. These returning ships then go ahead and minister to the submarines, upon which very many of them dive and are changed into boats. For the next 3½ days conditions worsen more and more. The called away ships that have returned are not affected by these conditions.

Throughout this second 3½ days some submarines still dive and are changed into boats. However, these become progressively fewer and fewer. At the end of this second 3½ day period (making a total of 7 days since the calling away) conditions change seriously for the worse. For the next 3½ days weather conditions become well-nigh unbearable. On top of this fleets of pirateships attack the boats. A small number of the called away ships (immune to both the weather and the pirateships) is still present assisting the boats which are in trouble. Also, no submarines get changed into boats during this final 3½ day period.

At the end of this time (which is now 10½ days since the calling away) an indescribably beautiful and large white ship comes to fetch the remaining surface boats. The pirateships scatter before it and flee. Having taking the surface boats to the harbour the white ship returns and destroys all the pirateships. It ubsequently assembles all the remaining submarines into two separate groups. The one group is commended because all of them have jeopardized themselves whilst assisting one or more of the surface boats which were in trouble during the storms of the past 3½ days. They are then also changed into boats and allowed to roam the sea. The other group of submarines are condemned because they remained safely submerged during the storms, assisting no surface boat at all. These are all taken away and sunk.

Interpretation notes:

• Submarines = unsaved people (walking in darkness)

• Boats = born again Christians (walking in the Light)

• Dive and come up again = repentance, submitting to Jesus' Lordship, dying to the old life, living the new life – all symbolized by baptism

• The harbour = God's throne

• Pirateships = demonic/Satanic forces

• Every day = one year

• White ship = Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords and the King of kings

Course of events:

• After the calling away 3½ years elapse. The called away ones then return in supernatural form (being immune to the storms and the enemies). These gather in the great harvest.

• 7 years after the calling away the great tribulation commences which lasts for 3½ years. During this period the saints are overcome by the Antichrist forces (Rev. 13:7).

• Roughly 10½ years after the calling away the rapture occurs.

• Subsequent to this Satan's kingdom is utterly destroyed.

• And after this the sheep and goat judgment (Mat. 25) takes place.

Vision 3: The Harvest

Vision: The scene is a large, blue, beautiful ocean with an island in the middle and people on this island who need to be rescued. On the near side of the ocean is a very large, beautiful, peaceful, joyful harbour. A small white train (too small to transport people) continually conveys something between the harbour and the island. On the far side of the ocean are 7 pretty white boats. On the flanks of these are 5 beautiful white and powerful warships. Between these 12 ships and the island are 3 groups of warships consisting of 6 ships in each group. These are black and ugly warships.

As the white fleet approaches war breaks out between the 5 white warships and the 3 groups of 6 each black warships. All the black ships are sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Subsequent to this the 7 white boats (first mentioned) pick up all the people on the island and transport them to the harbour. Their arrival is met with great joy.

Interpretation notes:

• Surface of the sea = the heavenly realm

• Bottom of the sea, including the island where this same sea bottom rises above the surface of the sea = the earthly realm

• The harbour = God's throne

• White train = prayer / the ministry of the Holy Spirit

• People on the island = those living on earth, yet being heavenly minded and destined for salvation

• The first 7 white ships = the overcoming saints of the calling away (also the child of Rev. 12, which = the 144000 of Rev.14)

• The 5 white warships = Michael and his angels

• The 3x6 black warships = Satan and his angels

Course of events:

• (Refer to Rev 12:5-9 and 14:6-7)

• When the child of Rev. 12 becomes heavenly, war breaks out between Michael and his angels and Satan and his angels. Satan and his angels are cast to the earth.

• Subsequent to this the overcoming child gathers a great harvest from earth.

Note: In the light of the previous visions the battle between Michael and his angels and Satan and his angels occurs during the first 3½ years after the calling away, and the great harvest during the second 3½ year period.

Vision 4: Seals and dolphins

Vision: A dam is seen next to the sea. Fish in the dam, tuna-like, only smaller. Some of these fish from time to time leap over the dam wall and into the sea, whereupon they change into seals. There are many great white sharks in the sea and also very many dolphins. The dolphins prevent the sharks from catching the seals. The sharks are afraid of the dolphins and keep their distance. Also in the sea is a great killer whale. However, this whale is friendly, caring and tenderhearted. The whale acts as a leader and wherever he goes, the seals and the dolphins follow. Some of the seals follow reluctantly, yet keep on doing so because of the protection they find in the pack. This process

carries on for a long time.

There is a small river connecting the dam with the sea. The fish in the dam cannot enter the dam via this route. However, some of the sharks can enter the dam in this way and they do catch a few fish. But however, the sharks are not very interested in the fish in the dam. Another river connects the sea with a large beautiful lake, quite a long way away and very high up on top of the mountains. The time comes when the whale indicates that he intends going up the river into the lake. He invites the seals to accompany him. About a quarter of them agrees to do so, the rest choosing to remain in familiar waters. When the whale and the seals accompanying him leave, all the dolphins leave with

him. They quickly disappear from sight. Sometime after they have left the sharks begin to attack the seals, killing many of them. From the point when the sharks start attacking the seals and

onwards, no more fish jump into the sea to be changed to seals.

Then the whale with the dolphins return and all the sharks flee before him. He subsequently takes all the remaining seals (dead and alive) with him to the upper lake.

Interpretation notes:

• The lower dam = physical life as known on earth

• The upper lake = heavenly, resurrected life

• The fish = natural unsaved people

• The seals = born again Christians

• The dolphins = angels

• The sharks = powers of darkness

• The whale = Jesus Christ

• The sea = spiritual realm

• The river to the upper lake = the narrow way Course of events:

• Fish jumping into the sea = a leap of faith = being saved by faith

• Subsequent to this Christians follow the Lord wherever He leads (the way is still broad and the reasons for following are often selfish in nature).

• The challenge to follow the Lord into difficult, uphill and unknown conditions is not palatable to many Christians.

• Again we see 'the calling away' as in previous visions.

• Those who heed the call remain with the Lord and His angels and escape the terrible things that shall come to pass after their departure.

• Again we see the saint being delivered into the power of the enemy. This is the great tribulation. During this time of tribulation no-one comes to repentance anymore.

Further notes

• Demonic forces do attack and kill some people in the physical, however this is not a common occurrence.

• All those belonging to the Kingdom of Light (the Whale, the dolphins and the seals) are mammals. Mammals are noted for carrying their young internally and tenderly nourishing it.

• Everything belonging to the kingdom of darkness (fish, depicting fleshly people at enmity with God; and sharks are non-mammals laying eggs and not caring for their offspring at all.

• Note also the change from fish to mammal at being born again.

• Those taken up the river to the upper lake receive resurrection life upon reaching the lake.

We see the called away group (those who follow the Whale up the river) and the rapture group (the surviving seals when the Whale comes to fetch them) and the first resurrection group (the seals who died during the tribulation, amongst others).

Vision 5: The pillars

Vision: Very many stone pillars are seen. A man is busy marking them with a hammer and chisel. Details of the mark are not seen. Everyone that is marked is cleaned carefully on the inside. 144

000 (in 12 groups of 12 000 each) are cleaned and marked.

There are many more pillars standing around, not having been marked. Subsequent to this, great storms erupt, strong winds and floods. The marked pillars are immune to these storms, but many of the rest do not remain standing and some even break in pieces. In the aftermath of the storm the man returns and puts all the marked pillars together in a great hall. He then carefully restores everyone of the remaining pillars. Those who have fallen down he re-erects, those who have broken in pieces he mends and restores as new.

Even in the case of those who remained standing he restores all damage. Furthermore he thoroughly cleanses everyone on the inside. When he has completed this work he puts all of these pillars into a second hall, different from the one with the marked pillars, and he bestows a somewhat greater glory onto these unmarked, restored pillars.

Interpretation notes:

• The marked pillars = 144 000 sealed ones of Israel (Rev. 7). They will be supernaturally protected during the coming tribulations (the earthly woman of Rev. 12).

• The rest of the pillars = all Israel in the flesh.

• Pillars that fell over = death.

• Cleaning on the inside = being given a new spirit and a new heart.

• All Israel shall be restored, not only the living remnant at His coming, but even those who have died. (Ez. 37:1-14; Ez. 35:16-28; Mark 13:26-27)

Vision 6: Armageddon

Vision: This vision is seen from out of a heavenly perspective. The cities of the world are shown. USA cities look beautiful, African cities look bad, etc. In the next scene most men on earth assemble for war in a big valley north of Africa. They are led by a person in black on a black horse.

A massively great army comes from the east, Chinese in appearance, and enter into battle with the first group. A great slaughter ensues. Suddenly an army of heavenly beings on fiery chariots enter the scene, coming out of the heavenlies. These are clad in glorious white garments, shining in brilliance and their leader exceeds all of them in glory. Upon seeing this heavenly army, the two clashing forces on earth unite and aim their unified attack at the heavenly army. The leader of the heavenly army aims his attack directly at the black leader and consumes him with the breath of his mouth. Both earthly armies are utterly destroyed.

Interpretation notes:

• Armageddon (Rev. 19:11 onwards)

Vision 7: Sheep and goats judgment

Vision: A large herd of sheep and goats (all mixed) is seen. The Lord says: "This is not good", and puts all the sheep in one camp and the goats in another. He then orders all the goats to be slain.

The sheep are then dispersed all over the earth in small groups. Then there are many shepherds, allocated to all the different groups.

Interpretation notes:

• Mat. 25:31-46

• Luke 19:11-27

Vision 8: Millennium reign

Vision: People dispersed all over the earth in a state of total peace and happiness, no weapons, but there still is technology. In the air above these people other people are seen who reign over those below.

Interpretation notes:

• Rev. 2:26-27

Vision 9: The new earth

Vision: The New Jerusalem is seen from above. On the outside there suddenly appear people clothed in brilliant white. These may enter into the city at will. There are other people also clothed in white, but not bright white. These may not enter into the city and they experience remorse over this fact. Inside the city is seen a tree growing on both sides of a river. This river flows from the

city, bearing leaves from the tree. It flows across all of the new earth, the leaves bringing healing to the nations. No sun is seen but a great light emanates from the city, bringing light everywhere.

Out of the city comes many, many glowing white doves, which spread all over the earth and transfer a feeling of peace and comfort. There is no sea and no fish. There are birds which are all tame.

Colors can be smelled and tasted. There is music in the air. The people, both those who are allowed into the city as well as the others, have the ability to create living organisms like plants and animals. Those who may enter the city possess a greater creative imagination than the others.

A picture is seen of a rabbit and a cheetah playing fun games with one another. The animals can talk. A lion is seen carrying a lamb back to its parents in his mouth. The lion has teeth like a sheep. 

Snakes have four legs and are very loving animals. Children play with them.

Besides the New Jerusalem there are many cities that seem to be of gold on the new earth. People eat bread and fruit and drink water from the river. Everything is free of charge.

Vision 10: The sowing and the reaping

Vision: A large farm on high ground is seen. Many sowing fields, many sowers. A great number of these fields have been sowed, but not all of them. When the master of the sowers appears he bids them to come with him to be trained and equipped for the coming harvest. Many of the sowers, thinking that this will bring them greater glory prefer to carry on sowing. The master does not

argue with them, but simply sends them home. The harvesters go with the master.

Very soon afterwards the harvest is ready for reaping. The master tells them that great storms are coming and that they will have to hurry lest the harvest be lost. This they then do and all the harvest is brought in in time. Wheat and chaff are separated. The chaff is blown away by the wind and the wheat is stored in the barn.

Interpretation notes:

• Again the 'calling away'.

• Again the power of own choice.

• It is better to follow the Master than to do what you think is best.

• The harvest will be brought in quickly. It will be in time.

Vision 11: The broad and the narrow way

Vision: A group of people is seen and in front of them two roads. On the right hand a narrow, difficult road and on the left a broad, beautiful grassy path. The first person chooses the narrow road. After a short distance he goes through water up to his neck (baptism). On the other side of the waterhole a white dove appears and accompanies him the rest of the way (the Holy Spirit). To his right a narrower path appears. He decides to take this. There is a flower in the path which he picks and puts in his pocket. Farther along an even narrower and more difficult path diverges to the right. He takes this one as well. Having followed this to the end he suddenly finds himself on a gentle green slope up a very high mountain. He follows this right to the top of the mountain where he is welcomed.

A second person also chooses the narrow way and also goes through the water, etc. He also takes the first narrower road to the right, but he doesn't take the next narrowest one. The road he takes also brings him to the same high mountain, however this road ends up against a cliff which he has to scale in order to reach the top. This is both difficult and dangerous. However, he manages to reach the top where the first person already is and is also welcomed.

A third person also takes the narrow road and passes through the water, etc. But he doesn't take any of the narrower roads diverging from the first. His path also brings him to the high mountain. He also has to scale a difficult and dangerous cliff but can only reach halfway up the mountain with no way to reach the top. He is also welcomed when he reaches this destination halfway up the mountain.

The next person takes the wide road. After a while an even wider path forks to the left and he takes it. Farther along the way an even wider path forks to the left again and he takes it too. As he travels along he suddenly falls into a deep hole.

Yet another person takes the wide road as well as the wider road which diverges to the left but he doesn't take the next road which is widest of them all. He likewise falls into a deep hole.

In the same manner the final person also takes the wide road but sticks to the original one without diverging. He also falls into a deep hole.

Interpretation notes:

• The mountain represents the Kingdom of God.

• There are those who are greater in the Kingdom of God and those who are smaller.

Part 2

The scene is now moved to a open place in the midst of a city. Directly in front are two road signs. The one on the left indicates 'Broad way' and the one on the right indicates 'Narrow way'.

The first person thinks for a long time about his choice, then takes the narrow way. The going is difficult, but he perseveres. After a while an even narrower lane forks away to the right. After contemplating for a while, he takes this narrower way. It passes in between buildings and does not look like a way to be traveled at all. He has to crouch low at times when going through narrow

tunnels. Then yet another even narrower passage again forks off to the right. Again after contemplating for a while, he takes this narrowest way. This way is hardly passable and he has to inch along sideways to make any progress. He perseveres to the end where he suddenly finds himself inside a lift which quickly transports him to the top of a very high and very beautiful building where he is welcomed.

Back at the start a second person also takes the narrow way as well as the narrower one, but not the narrowest one. His road also leads him into the same building but in his case he is forced to use the stairs in order to make it to the top. This requires great effort and he sometimes slips and painfully falls down a few stairs. He does make it to the top and is welcomed there.

Back at the start a third person also takes the narrow way but refuses to take any of the narrower ways. He also ends up in the same building, but the flight of stairs available to him only takes him halfway up the building, leaving him no possibility to go any higher.

Back at the start a fourth person decides to take the broad way. This is an easy, wide, smooth, paved way. After a while an even better road forks away to the left. He takes this and after yet another while an even broader and more beautiful way forks away to the left. Again he takes this easier road. This road eventually leads down a long flight of stairs into darkness, and eventually ends up against a wall. As he turns, trying to retrace his steps, the stairs collapse and he can't get out.

Back at the start a fifth person also takes the broad way as well as the first fork to the left, but not the second fork to the broadest of ways. His road also eventually leads him down a flight of

stairs and into a dead end, the stairs also collapsing behind him. In his case, he is not in total darkness, however, although in great distress and fearful anxiety.

Back at the start a sixth person also takes the broad way and sticks to the original one to the end. He also ends up in a dead end below the surface, with the stairs collapsing behind him. He also finds himself in distress and anxiety of mind, however not nearly as bad as the previous two, seeing that there is much more light where he has ended up.

Interpretation notes:

• The high building represents the Kingdom of God.

• The subterranean dead ends represent loss, darkness and weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Vision 12: Earth in ruins

This is a picture (different snapshots) of conditions on the earth at various times during the final 10 years before Jesus comes again, and after the overcomers have been called away.


• New York is in ruins and so also many other American cities. Many of the cities are in the process of being rebuilt.

• The various New World Order Regions can be discerned, e.g. Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, China, North America, Central Africa, etc. Conditions in Europe are reasonably good. Israel is in a continuous state of war.

• There are few ships on sea (people seem to be afraid to go out on sea).

• Monster tornadoes.

• Great, great hailstones.

• Russia and China form a strong alliance but do not unite into one.

• Japan is destroyed by China.

• Even though there is war on all sides, people seem to believe that there is peace. Even animals in zoos start fighting one another.

• Water in the Amazon-basin becomes poisonous.

Vision 13: New World Order destroyed

Vision: Ancient cities of Israel are seen, having walls around them. They are burning like an oven on the inside, yet do not burn out. Ancient Roman cities are also seen, without walls. They burn to a fine powder, nothing remains. In Rome some ruins remain, like the Colosseum.

In the next picture, Rome is being rebuilt in its place. The men are mainly working on a pyramid structure with an eye at the top. At the same time, New York and the USA are being built up, bigger and higher than anything yet seen in the physical. The New Yorkers display great arrogance at their own achievements. Then the pyramid structure in Rome is finished.

The next thing, this structure is utterly destroyed by fire, so is the whole new city of Rome. Then New York is also utterly destroyed by fire, then the whole of the USA, then all the earth is burned into a cinder. No water remains.

The next thing, subterranean fountains burst forth. New plants appear and earth is turned into a paradise.

Interpretation notes:

• This is all symbolical, nothing physical.

• The New World Order, both the political and economical commercial parts of it, is utterly destroyed after God allowed it to be established. The haughtiness of man shall come to a fall and God shall establish His Kingdom in its stead.

Vision 14: The first four trumpets

Vision: A man is seen descending upon the Mount of Olives. As His feet touches it, it cracks along its length and the overcomers are called away to heaven. God says this happens in the month Risri/Rishri. The Christians remaining on earth, realizing why they have been left behind, start preaching that the overcomers have left and that the second coming of Christ is at hand.

Exactly one year later the overcomers in heaven are told to look down at the earth and they see the following happening:

A trumpet resounds in the heavenlies. Then something like a hailstorm of burning stones crash into Africa, from the southern to the northern parts, but mostly into Central Africa. Every single pyramid gets hit and is either totally destroyed or seriously damaged. Christians again warn that the end is near and that this catastrophe is a sign from heaven. Some of them are killed by those who do not want to hear this message. Some people blaspheme the Lord, many others are uncertain what to think.

Next a very big rock from out of space strikes the Pacific Ocean somewhere between the Panama Canal and Asia. Massive destruction follows. Again the Christians point this out as God's warning.

The number of those uncertain of what to think increases. Most reject the message.

Next another piece hits the Amazon-basin, making the water poisonous. Finally all the soot and debris from the impact of all these things cause a cloud that obscures the sun, moon and stars for part of the day. In this case very few are willing to believe this to be fulfillment of prophecy because Revelation 8 states that the sun, moon and stars will be 'struck', which according to the

astronomers were not the case. The number of doubters increase, however.

Then, some time after these happenings, the overcomers are sent back to earth to gather the harvest. Upon their preaching all of the doubters mentioned come to repentance and are baptized.

Vision 15: Mark of the Beast

Vision: A very large beautiful building in Rome. On the front of the building in the center is the pyramid with the eye on top, rays shining out of the eye. On the left of the eye, 'NEW WORLD'

and on the right 'ORDER'. High security set-up inside the building. Descending down below the building we find a group of people working under the auspices of the New World Order known as the Lucifer Organization. They work in secret, in three groups. The one manufactures computer chips, every chip is unique. Another group develops a scanner to use with the chip. This is designed to be quite inexpensive. The third group of computer programmers is developing a special website.

Following scene: A special event called 'The New World Day' is decreed around the globe. On this day everybody is supposed to receive a chip and a scanner. Everybody has to sign some agreement (content not made known in the vision) in front of a panel of judges. The chip is inserted under the skin on the back of the right hand, close to the wrist; alternatively on the forehead.

This chip contains all of your personal information, bank details, etc. Every shop and business also hasscanners to process your business. Those having received the chip has to log in on the special website on a specific time everyday. They log in uniquely by scanning their own chip and feeding the information into the computer. This has to be done daily. On the computer an image appears (blurred in the vision) and they have to worship this image in front of a camera which is in the scanner.

Some Christians also accept the chip with the excuse that they intend to help other Christians who have not taken the chip. The scanner however, is also a tracking device and in this way the whereabouts of Christians in hiding is exposed.

Russia and China both refuse to co-operate in this scheme.

Vision 16: The two witnesses

Vision: Two people descending out of heaven, coming down to Jerusalem are seen. The name of the one is Elijah, the name of the other is Take-out (see below). They witness concerning things to come and concerning the Kingdom of God; they encourage the Christians and even release some from prison in a manner similar to the angel who released Peter. They also speak against the Antichrist, thereby infuriating the masses who worship him. This carries on for 3½ years and nobody is able to harm them because of their supernatural power. And then suddenly they are caught, bound and stoned to death and their corpses lie in Jerusalem to be seen by all the world. After 3½ days life enters their bodies and they ascend to heaven in the sight of all, and together with them all the remaining Christians on earth who have not taken the mark, many of these ascending out of prison cells and torture chambers. In the meantime the Antichrist has declared war on a powerful coalition of enemies. Despite his supernatural abilities his forces are beginning to lose the battle. At this point Jesus Christ, with His heavenly host, descends to earth. The two fighting forces unite as one against Him and are destroyed totally.

Interpretation note:

• The English translation of Moses is 'Take Out'.

Vision 17: The desert road and the forest road

Vision: There is a lion and the Lord invites it to follow Him. It agrees joyfully. There are two roads to travel, a desert road and a forest road. The Lord leads it onto the desert road. As the last of his four feet touches the sand he is turned into a camel. The Camel safely traverses the desert road, led by the Lord. It is dealt with bountifully and provided with ample food and water, even more than is really necessary. At the end of the road it wants to know why the Lord did not choose the forest road and is allowed the opportunity to see what would have happened had he perhaps insisted to take that road: As the (initial) lion enters the forest it changes into a lamb, but without the accompaniment of the Lord. Many lions attack and try to devour it. It has to run for its life. It does manage to safely reach the other side, but only with great difficulty and distress. Having seen the answer to its question, the camel thanks the Lord profusely.

Interpretation notes:

• Note the change from a lion (old selfish life) to a camel (new life of servanthood). Changed from a carnivore to a herbivore.

• It is best to submit to the Lord's way.

• See how the Lord equips you for the road He chooses for you and leads you through and does not forsake you along this way.

Vision 18: China

Vision: China and Russia form a close alliance. The two respective leaders bond in a very close friendship. Based on this strong alliance they break all ties with the USA. The USA, in answer to this, acts harshly against Chinese and Russians individuals in the USA. In answer to this the Chinese/Russian alliance evacuate their people from the USA and then attack it with nuclear weapons. (This attack is, amongst others, launched from Russian underground bases in Cuba.) New York, as well as most of the other major cities in the USA, are destroyed. In the meantime the Antichrist wrestles himself into power over all of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa; even using military force where necessary. The Middle East accepts him without question as their messiah.

Seeing the very strong Russia/China alliance his older advisers recommend that he attacks them before they become too strong. His younger advisers however, recommend that he waits and he accepts their way. When the older group criticizes him on his course of action, he orders them to be killed.

China, in the meantime, discovers the Antichrist's plans concerning the computer chip and, together with Russia, refuses to be drawn into this scheme. They also break ties with the Antichrist's domain and in order to spite him they even agree to provide refuge for fleeing Christians, provided that they do not preach anything. This infuriates the Antichrist who eventually declares war on this Eastern Alliance. This war escalates in nature and carries on for about three months after the rapture has taken place. At this point Jesus Christ and His heavenly hosts intervene. Then the armies of the Antichrist and the East unite in battle against Jesus but they are annihilated by Him.

Vision 19: 'Calling Away' scenes and the first 3 and 5th trumpets

Vision: Five separate scenes:

In the first, Jesus Christ appears to the first person, telling him that He has come to fetch him home and asking if he wants to come along. This person is highly excited and just about leaps into Jesus' arms. They leave together.

The same happens with a second person, who is also eager to go with Jesus, but Jesus tells him that he needs to stay behind to help the Christians staying behind. He pleads with Jesus to please not leave him behind but to take him with Him. His request is granted and they leave together.

The same happens with a third person, who likewise wants to accompany Jesus. He also is instructed to stay behind to look after his fellow Christians. He sees this as a great compliment and honour and remains behind.

In the case of a fourth person who also is eager to accompany Jesus, he requests permission to quickly go to greet his wife and children. When he returns, Jesus has left already.

The fifth person expresses a problem: He has namely won the Lotto and has not had the opportunity to spend the money. Jesus says He knows about this, seeing that He arranged for this person to win. Jesus leaves without him.

Exactly one year later the astronomers on earth suddenly detect a comet heading straight for earth. The try to keep it secret, hoping that it will miss the earth. This it nearly does, but as the tail seems to pass the earth it is suddenly caught by the earth's gravitation and pulled towards earth. It strikes Africa (all of Africa, however mainly in the centre) in the form of something like burning rocks.

The main body of the comet meanwhile splits in two. The bigger part strikes the Pacific Ocean creating giant tsunamis, worldwide earthquakes, as well as volcanic eruptions. The smaller fragment burns out like a torch on its way down, becoming significantly smaller before striking the Amazon-basin. All the water in this area becomes poisonous.

About two years later a big, brown, ugly individual is summoned before the Lord. He seems arrogant in all his ways. He is followed by thousands of smaller, ugly beings. These seem to be frightened out of their wits. They seem to be scared of impending punishment. The Lord then empowers this 'army' and commands them to inflict pain on the inhabitants of the earth, but they may not kill anybody, they may not harm plants or animals and they may not touch those who belong to the Lord. This carries on for five months.

In the meantime a man stands up and makes war with Europe and with North Africa and overcomes them. After this he effectively rules over these areas as well as over the Middle East. In the Middle East he does many supernatural deeds and is accepted as their messiah. Initially he does not rule openly but apparently in the shadow of somebody else.

In the same period of time, China and Russia form an alliance and attack and destroy the USA. Subsequent to this China even attacks Japan and Vietnam with nuclear weapons. The European leader is advised by his counselors to not involve himself at this point in time with these conflicts. Roughly two years later the European leader declares himself as supreme commander and demands worship.

About three years later war breaks out between the European Alliance and the Russia/China Alliance. Shortly afterwards all the Christians on earth are translated into heaven. After this event the international war turns nuclear with a terrible loss of lives.

About three months later Jesus Christ with His heavenly host comes down on fiery horses and chariots. The picture shows a big valley where the European and Eastern forces now unite into attacking the heavenly army, seeming do not understand that Jesus is God. They are annihilated and Jesus returns to heaven.

Vision 20: More concerning the 'calling away'

Vision: A pilot on a passenger plane on a long-distance flight. In this case he is the only one on board who can safely land the aircraft. Jesus appears to him inviting him to come along. He dearly wants to but understands that that would doom the aircraft and its passengers. He pleads his case with the Lord who gently commands him to complete the journey and then go to the bathroom after landing where He will meet up with him. In this way he is taken with Jesus into heaven.

Next scene: A Satanist comes to repentance, is born again and baptized and now loves the Lord with all his heart. He even sleeps with his Bible next to him. His Reverend informs him that because of his history in Satanism he will certainly not be worthy of going with Jesus when He comes. This saddens and disheartens him very much. He leaves the church and eventually joins a home fellowship. Upon recounting his experience with the Reverend the home group leader asks him three questions.

Are you a Christian? (He answers 'Yes!')

Have you been baptized? ('Yes!')

Do you love Jesus? He answers "Yes, very much!"

In that case, says the leader, you are ready to go.

Some time later, as the group are holding hands and praying together, Jesus comes to the young man and invites him to come along. He eagerly agrees to and promptly disappears from the circle. Upon noticing his disappearance the group starts singing 'Amazing Grace' and the moment they finish with the song all of them are also instantly taken up to the Lord.

Vision 21: What about young children?

In this vision the Lord comes to fetch a young couple who has two small children.

He tells them: "Because your heart is set on Me I will take both you and your children with Me".

Vision 22: The case of the kitten

In the vision this family (Father, Mother and small children) has been taken to heaven in the 'call away'. The small girl goes to Jesus and asks Him to please send an angel because their kitten had been locked up in the bathroom while they were vacuuming the house (prior to having been called away) and it would die if nobody helps it. Jesus says, no, He will not send an angel, but she may go herself . Whereupon she goes back, releases the kitten and provides food and shelter for it, then returns to heaven again.

Vision 23: Millennial rulership

In this vision Jesus tells the overcomers that they have total freedom to plan and execute their hearts' desire in the specific area of jurisdiction that He has entrusted to each one. This they then do and even do things of greater consequence when many of them agree to co-operate to perform bigger projects over wider areas. There is no strife, discord or competition amongst them.

Vision 24: Truth

The vision shows a lusciously green place. A voice says: "I give and I take, I open doors and I close doors, I have mysteries and I reveal mysteries to those who seek Me. And see, I am coming quickly and I shall be with you all the days of your life, even to the end of the world. Go now, and speak what I tell you, and speak no lies because lies corrupt the truth."

Then a cake is seen representing the truth, and all the lies that go out corrupt the cake, but cannot destroy it.

And then He says: "See, I will restore what Satan has destroyed."

Then the cake is shown again, but this time it is perfect.

Vision 25: The Lamps and the Oil

There are many lamps and a voice saying: "Purchase 3x as much oil and let your lamps shine 7x brighter, because I am coming and I am coming quickly! – so that everyone shall know that My coming is at hand.

Vision 26: Concerning SA

I saw the present government and somebody asking why the government has been taken away from the previous one? I answered that I did not know. The voice replied, "See, they made a covenant with Me long ago but did not fully keep it. I took it away, but I will restore it unto them because the next generation shall keep My covenants."

Then somebody arose (a white male, not a rebel) and he said: "This is not right. I don't mind you governing and I am sorry for what the previous government did to you, but you should not treat the Whites so badly: kicking them off their properties, etc." But they would not listen. Then 3 million people followed him and the Lord said: "I will help you for it ought not be like this, and I have promised to give it all back to you, and so I will." Then they made war and the Lord gave the whole SA back to them.

Vision 27: Crown of righteousness

I heard the Lord say: "The crown of righteousness is for those who follow Jesus with their whole heart to the end, those whose love for Jesus is so great that it shines like a light to everyone around them."

Vision 28: Cave / Temple

Large, beautiful cave is seen. Inside is an 'Ark of the Covenant' complete with cherubim, and inside it are two stone tablets inscribed with an unknown writing and a container with something resembling smallish white seeds (possibly manna) and a budding almond rod. The Ark has a removable lid of gold and all the rest of it is gold plated, inside and out. Also in the cave is a very large golden lampstand, higher than two meters, with seven arms. Also a golden incense altar. Also a very large purple linen curtain about 15 cm thick. Also, a golden table holding a golden container in which were a number of bread loaves (5 or 7). These bread loaves are supernaturally replaced with fresh ones daily. There are also two massive solid gold pillars, each 2 meters in diameter, 15 meters high. Also a large number of stone building blocks, already chiseled into shape.

God Himself protected this cave with its contents throughout the centuries, and also throughout the catastrophes of the trumpet judgments.

Interlude: A man is seen standing up within the Dome of the Rock and declaring himself to be god. At the protest of various religious groups he declares that Buddha, Krishna, Allah, etc. are his princes and that by worshipping them they also worshiped him (this man). The Jews however, have always been true to him and he is their god.

(Interpretation note: This is the Antichrist.)

After the Antichrist has been destroyed by Jesus Christ at Armageddon a temple is built in its proper place. (The Dome of the Rock has also been destroyed in the meantime.) A double foundation is laid over the ruins of the Dome of the Rock. A temple is built with the stones that were in the cave. The Ark of the Covenant is put in the Most Holy Place, being separated from the front part by the purple veil. Directly in front of the veil is put the incense altar. On the inside on the left of the entrance is put the golden lampstand and on the right-hand side the table with the showbread. The two golden pillars are erected on each side of the entrance door and directly outside of the sanctuary. In front of the temple a large copper basin (copper sea) filled with water is erected and some way in front of this, a bronze altar (quite large with horns at the corners).

Jesus is heard saying:

"Those who have seen the destruction of the earth, with them I will build the house of My Father."

"They have shed the blood of the prophets, and now they will plead with the prophets to intercede for them with the Father."

"Those who have part in the first resurrection I will cause to be like purple in the house of My Father."

"To be part of the Kingdom of the Lord, you have to deny your old life (soul) en be holy before My Father."

Interpretation notes:

• The temple as a whole represents the Kingdom of God which is to be established on this earth at His coming.

• The Ark of the Covenant = Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

• The veil = those who partake in the first resurrection.

• The building stones = the raptured ones.

• The golden incense altar = the martyrs.

• The golden lampstand = one part of the 'called away' saints (the messengers).

• The two golden pillars = the other part of the' called away' saints (the warriors).

• The table of showbread = restored Israel as the fleshly representatives of God's Kingdom on earth.

• The copper sea = living in purity before God.

• The bronze altar = the sacrifice of the self-life in favour of Jesus.

• Note then, to be part of the Kingdom of God the self-life (soul) has to be sacrificed and such a one must henceforth live holy unto the Lord.

Vision 29: Three Earths

Three earths are shown. The first one is made of silver, the second of bronze and the third of gold.

The second or bronze one is full of chips and imperfections. These chips are filled in, some withsilver but most of them with blood.

Interpretation notes:

• The first earth (silver) is the initial one that has been destroyed by water before the present time began.

• The bronze earth is the present one.

• The gold earth is the coming one.

Vision 30: Further revelations

The scene is shown in heaven. All the overcomers are gathered together before the throne of God. God Himself is seen as a Light (very bright) sitting on His throne. The earth is shown to be in a terrible state of destruction. This is the picture shortly after Armageddon has taken place.

God sends His messengers (angels) to fetch the forbidden books in order to show these to His children. The first book is opened and rolled out upon the table. It shows a vision of the first (silver) earth with water under the earth as well as water above the earth, many plants and animals, beautiful strange animals, also dinosaurs, peace and tranquility rules.

The second book shows how something went wrong and the animals started to grow fangs and started killing one another. God said this was not good. He opened up the fountains from beneath the earth and simultaneously caused the water above the earth to come down. Everything died and the earth remained covered with water. It became void and empty and remained like this for a very long time.

The third book shows God's plans for the second earth. He started off by restoring a small part of earth (the Garden of Eden). Again something went wrong and He had to take man out of this garden. At this stage the rest of the earth was also filled with plants in order for man to live. Subsequently the garden was transferred into the heavens and is known as the Paradise.

Christians who died, not being overcomers, stay here. Those who have overcome are found in what may be described as a higher heaven before God's throne. God then announces to the overcomers that they now have a free hand to restore the earth that had been destroyed. They draw up plans and everything happens as they planned it. God also appoints them to rule over earth for the next thousand years.

For the first number of years many of the people on earth still transgress and are punished for it, many even die. As time goes by these transgressions become less frequent and most people live throughout the next thousand years.

In the meantime God causes a new earth (the gold earth) to be made, apparently by the overcomers. This having been finished God announces that He will show them something. Something like a big door is opened in the heavens and the heavenly Jerusalem is seen descending down onto the top of the new earth amidst a special song being sung by the angels (and Oercomers?). God announces that in this city are homes for all the overcomers and they may take possession of it. The people surviving on the old earth will fill the rest of the new earth.

Vision 31: The image of the man

An image is shown of a man: a head of gold, from the neck down to the waist is silver, from the waist to the knees is iron, from the knees to the ankles is bronze, and the feet are of clay. Times are allocated to the various parts.

From the toes to the ankle (the clay part) is 3½ years. Likewise the bronze part equals 3½ years. The iron part is also 3½ years. The silver upper body equals 1000 years. The golden head equals eternity.

As time starts counting down and the first 3½ years are completed the feet of clay crumble and the image drops down and stands on the stumps of bronze.

Time moves on and as soon as the next 3½ years are completed the bronze lower legs also crumble and the image now drops down and stands on the two knees. After the next 3½ years the iron upper legs likewise crumble and the image now ends up standing on the hips. The moment the next 1000 years are completed the silver upper body also crumbles. However, just before the golden head would have struck the earth a hand reaches out and catches it. It is then lifted up and put a top an image that is all gold, perfect from head to toe, and a voice says: "This shall never fall. It shall stand forever."

Interpretation notes:

• The moment the 'calling away' occurs the time count down starts at the toes of clay.

• After 3½ years have elapsed, this very weak world government system is replaced by a stronger one.

• After a further 3½ years the Antichrist takes over with an iron fist, declaring himself as god.

• The 3½ year period that follows this, is also known as the Great Tribulation.

• Once the Antichrist is disposed of at Armageddon the Millennial reign of Christ commences and lasts for a 1000 years, at the end of which Christ hands over the Kingdom to the Father, and of this final Kingdom there shall be no end.

Vision 32: More concerning the Overcomers

The scene is the Overcomers in heaven before God's throne. The timing is directly after 'the calling away'. Two large, beautiful, powerful angels (possibly Michael and Gabriel) flank the throne. One of these is sent to fetch a certain specific forbidden book (a very thick book roll). He then stands on a podium and from the book roll divide the Overcomers into two groups.

The one group is called The Messengers, and their immediate task will be to proclaim God's messages on earth and to bring in

the harvest.

The other group is called The Warriors, and they will execute God's judgments over the ungodly in the coming period leading to the rapture. They will also participate in the battle of Armageddon.

Concerning the Messenger group, they are depicted as a 'holy object in the temple of God', whilst the Warriors are depicted as 'pillars in the temple of God'. The Messengers are given authority over all the messenger angels and the Warriors are given authority over all the warrior angels. Each one's position and task is allocated to him in accordance with the book roll.


One of the Messenger Overcomers sees that his wife on earth who has not yet given her life to the Lord is about to be killed by Satan's angels in a car accident and he asks for help from the Lord. The Lord replies that He loves him and will always be there to give him counsel but that he now has the freedom and the authority to do as he sees fit also in this case. He then asks one of the Warrior Overcomers to send assistance in order to save his wife from death. Four warrior angels are sent and they fight off the attack against her. After this he sends two angels to go and speak to his wife so that she can understand the Truth and turn to the Lord. In this way she is saved and subsequently she uses all her money and influence to help other Christians and to warn them concerning things to come. This causes great joy amongst the angels in heaven.

Vision 33: The Rebels

The following scene is shortly after the calling away has occurred.

Some of the Christian remaining behind say: "The Overcomers are gone, let us now build a fortress and prove Revelation prophecies to be wrong." (They actually thought it was a good thing to do.) Being quite rich they build the first fortress on an island, walls 6m wide, 66m high, with 6 mm steel re-enforcement every meter. They build 13 of these fortresses in 13 different countries, one per country. The Lord considers their action totally wrong and sends down a number of the Messenger Overcomers. These go in the guise of old people and are therefore easily accepted into the fortresses. These then warn the rebels that their actions are wrong and that they run the risk of becoming traitors unto Jesus.

The rebels do not listen, still believing that they are doing the right thing. Three times the Lord sends down Messengers to go and warn them, but they do not listen. The Lord then assembles the heavenly army, including the Warrior Overcomers, saying: "Three times have I warned these rebels concerning their actions and attitude, but they would not listen. Go and destroy them."

Vision 34: The Cattle

The vision shows cattle, all of them drawing heavily loaded carts along. They all follow one human leader. The instruction comes from heaven that only their leader is able to lighten their loads.

Interpretation notes:

• The cattle = Christians left behind after the calling away.

• The leader = Jesus Christ.

Vision 35: Dream: Harvest + Cattle

The dream shows a harvest in process. Quite a number of harvesters are busy in the fields. The leader indicates that some more harvesting needs to be done at a different location. The person receiving the dream finds himself on a harvester following the leader. As the sun is setting in the west he realizes that they would not find the opportunity to tend the cattle that evening, but

fortunately the calves are big enough to drink by themselves.

Interpretation notes:

• The cattle = Christians left behind after the calling away.

• The harvest = the final great harvest brought in by the called away Overcomers.

• This implies that the Overcomers, when they come to bring in the great harvest will not at that stage attend to the Christians on earth, but will busy themselves with bringing in the harvest.

Vision 36: More about the Two Witnesses

The scene: The two witnesses are called to God's throne and informed that their time to go to earth has arrived. Each of them are given 7 fruits from the Tree of Life (to give them life), and a budding staff from the Tree of Life (with which to impart life). Each is also presented with a book roll which they are instructed to study, and having done so they can speak and understand every

language on earth.

They then go down to earth where they witness for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom and against the Antichrist. They also help Christians in different ways - releasing them from prison, healing them, etc. By their witness they encourage the Christians and aggravate the world. This carries on for 3½ years and only then is Antichrist allowed to capture them. He delivers them to the Jews who stone them to death. The world is so overjoyed by their death that an international feast day is declared to be commemorated every year, and people send one another presents.

For 3½ days their bodies lie in the streets of Jerusalem and world television is focused on them. Then suddenly a voice from

heaven calls: "Come up here!" Whereupon they both come back to life and ascend up to heaven. And so also do all the remaining Christians on earth.

Vision 37: The Little Book

The vision shows a called away Overcomer with a little book in his hand. He is joined by anotherOvercomer who has been killed in the Great Tribulation. This latter one is informed to also get such a little book from the Lord, Who is depicted as being inside a nearby castle. These little books need to be handed in when the time for that comes, which is right at the end and when Satan is

imprisoned. When handing in the little book a new heavenly body will be received as well as the allotted number of cities over which he will rule. He will also receive a book roll concerning the

projects he will be / may be involved in. These projects include an undersea railway through a glass tunnel, showing the beauty of marine life. It also includes a railroad through the Amazon, from

South to North America. Also a space station showing the beauty of earth from above. Also a 777 km long cavern beautified with gold, silver and precious stones.

Interpretation note:

We believe the little book represents your ID and by giving your self-life/soul (ID) to Jesus you will find true life from Him.

Vision 38: The ox and the lamb

This vision concerns SA: A green pasture is shown with a white lamb (male) in it. Then an ox (dark brown) suddenly appears and kicks the lamb which then ends up on its back.

The lamb exclaims, "You can kick me but you can never destroy me." The ox laughs at this.

In the next scene the ox destroys the pasture. What it does not eat itself it tramples, leaving very little for the lamb. It claims everything for itself and hates the lamb, being envious of it.

After a while something goes wrong with the ox – it becomes divided within itself. For example, its limbs do not co-ordinate with one another anymore.

The lamb then gets on its feet, proclaiming, "Now the time has come for me to take back what is mine on behalf of myself and my descendants. Now I will throw you down and you shall never rise

again." The lamb then rams into the ox which ends up on its backside, never to get up again.


Testing the spirit:

It is absolutely right and necessary to test the spirit of any 'revelation'. It has to be in line with God's character and His written Word. Remember that they came through imperfect people to imperfect people, and is interpreted by imperfect people. They were told to us in Afrikaans and we had to translate and retell them as best we could, trusting the Lord to convey His message to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. We need Him to show us what He wants us to know.

We must rather see this series of visions as a whole. What is not clear in one is often clarified by another.

This is how we understand them: The Bride is known by her heart of love for the Bridegroom. Love means 'to put first'. He is foremost in her heart and mind and in any choice she will choose Him above anything else. But this is not true of all Christians, even some ministers and many who see themselves as mature (older sheep). The Bride is only a small company of believers who really only wants to be with Jesus. And this is what Jesus is testing when He tells some to 'stay behind to minister'. Many love the idea of ministering more than Jesus Himself. He is giving them an opportunity to show what is in their heart.

Please refer to Visions # 10 and the first part of # 19 where this becomes clear. In vision # 1 only 'some' of those who are 'sent back' go back, some others must have pleaded to rather go with Him - and He took them along. (See 2 Kings 2:1-6 and John 6:66-67.)

Visions or similar revelations can never be lifted to the level of Scripture, they are always of lesser authority. We are only making these available as encouragement to those who have heard similar messages from God.

We also only see through a glass darkly, but God will make clear to each of us what we need to know.

(We have years ago already understood from the Lord that these Overcomers / Bride will come back in resurrected bodies to also minister on earth like Jesus did after His resurrection. They will be the 'angels' also translated 'messengers' of Rev. 14:6-11 'flying through the air' (heavenly beings) who will proclaim to all people on earth the message of the Kingdom of God, and that Babylon has fallen, and not to take the mark of the Beast. Having heavenly bodies, they cannot be hurt by the disasters of the Tribulation. We kept this in our hearts for many years and it has now been confirmed through these visions, by a young boy who knew nothing of our view.)

Humbly trusting God to keep us from deception!

This is interesting:

Quite a number of years ago (8 years or more) a brother in the Lord phoned us and told us of a dream he had had. He was very much in awe and struck to the core by what he experienced God showed him. In the dream the Lord told him that 'by 2018 everything shall have been fulfilled'. (Refer to Jesus' parable of the fig tree - Mat. 24:32-35.) It was so vivid and clear, he was really shaken by the experience! We kept it in our hearts, waiting for some confirmation. Now should 2018 indeed be the end of this dispensation and the beginning of the Millennium, it would be 70 years (a full generation - Ps 90) since 1948 when Israel was again established as a nation.

That means the 'calling away' is imminent! Be ready, watch and pray! Hope to meet you before the Throne soon! Maranatha!

Love and blessings

Anthea Barnardo

(Author's note, May 2010: Subsequent to the initial writing of this document (Sept. 2007) the Lord has revealed that the 'Calling Away' actually consists of two distinct phases.

The first phase is that in which the call goes forth that the Bridegroom is coming, go out to meet Him. The parable of the wise and foolish virgins fully explains the impact of this call.

The second phase or culmination of the 'calling away', occurring probably about 3 years later, is depicted in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins as the point where "those who were ready went in with Him to the wedding, and the door was shut". This can also be described as 'the snatching away of the Bride', Jesus coming unexpectedly, one was taken and one was left. These saints are then quickened, or translated from earthly to heavenly bodies.)


As always discern as the Holy Spirit leads you.... blessings!!!

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